Illuminate Your Dark Data and
Eliminate Blind Spots in Business Process
Automation and Analytics

Commercial Loan Automation

Creation of a digitized semantic commercial loan contract fully automates loan booking, lifecycle processes to achieve more than 90% gains in productivity

Intent Manager

Bridge the gap between contractual obligations / intents and operational outcomes. Effectively manage covenants, govern payments, and mitigate risks

Derivatives Collateral Management

Digitize Contracts, Connect with Valuations and Market Data, Calculate Margins and Manage Collateral with a near-zero touch end to end solution


Illuminate your dark data

Imagine if everything you ever read you could recall, and the meaning you put to those words when you did, were available in your thoughts. That is possible for a machine, you see it subtly on the internet through search engines, the missing piece is a richer understanding of context. Today within institutions this data is dark, inaccessible but it exists, and needs to be reread to gain that context every time it is required. If it were available always, what connections between ideas could be made with the thorough knowledge of the business.

The solution of trying to put data in template-based approaches fails due to lack of context and therefore devaluing the data and relationships binding them together.


what we do

Interconnected Insights

A data driven no/low code enterprise platform to gain exponential productivity and efficiencies

Business solutions

Use our out-of-the-box business solutions or Bring your most complex data, transform them into usable knowledge, and accelerate your unique solution needs.

Semantic contracts become living data, able to respond to queries. Finding and comparing contract terms gives you the means to find anomalies and outliers.

Prepare for critical business and risk events in a new way by finding critical provisions in advance.


Commercial Loans

  • Loan Documents, Credit Agreements, Term Sheets, Funding Requests, Agent Notices
  • KYC Documents, Financial Statements, Client Onboarding
  • Loan Booking, Administration, and Funding automation
  • Covenant Management, Payment Governance, and Corporate Policy Validation

Capital Markets

  • Investment Research, Schedule of Investments, and Regulatory Compliance (UMR / QFC Record Keeping)
  • IBOR Transition including contract analysis and remediation
  • ESG and Sustainable Finance Initiatives
  • Structured Finance

Enterprise Wide

  • Enterprise Contract Lifecycle Management
  • Contract Analytics and Performance Management
  • Unstructured Legal Data Repository
  • Enterprise Knowledge Graph Management


Benefits of our Platform

Business Growth

Clients find new opportunities by being able to start with interconnecting and bringing unstructured and structured data together for analytics and insight, that can be done at scale. New insights leads to realizing untapped opportunities.

Reduced Cost

Significantly reduced cost of legal, business operations, and regulatory changes come from finding data, organizing them as a contextual knowledge, and ultimately being able to make fast and informed business decisions.

Reduced Risk

Illuminated "Dark Data" allows a full picture of the core business commitments as defined in contracts, related documents or events, and business processes built on those data. Full views of risk come with full views of interconnected data.

Efficiency and Productivity

Increase the ability to use unstructured data by automating lifecycle management based on the full context of source documents. Template-free digitization and harvest of data delivers recurring value in its unconstrained availability.


Request a demo today and see why OpenRisk is the platform of choice for some of the leading financial institutions.


Replacing a Legacy Solution or Solving for a New Business Challenge begins with the adoption of a proven technology stack, that is as fluid as your unique data and business needs

The illumination of "dark data" is not an end in itself but the start of an ability to transform to the next generation business solutions.

Take the journey of transformation from legacy technology to a next generation stack. You can start quickly using our cloud-hosted service. You can bring it on-premise. You can unearth the risks factors hidden in your unstructured data, combine it with structured data, automate business process workflows, and share with counterparties or clients using a secure distributed ledger.

The OpenRisk platform is built on a micro-services architecture and a human-in-the-loop AI approach. The platform brings out the power of a semantic web, state-of-the-art Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning algorithms for internal productivity and efficiencies for each of our clients while blockchain/DLT helps bring about market harmonization.

Semantic Artificial Intelligence

Semantic Web technology not only brings out the relationship data has as a first-class-citizen across the entire business value chain, when combined with state-of-the-art NLP and ML models, provides users to exploit the limitless abilities by understanding every piece of data in context and effectively control the business outcomes.

Microservices Architecure

Technical design with a world-class DevOps adoption on a Spring and Netflix OSS backbone, provides a scalable, highly performing, and robust platform packaged into a business solution. While also facilitating an 'Acceleration Platform' for those clients who wants a stable platform to build their own API-based business solutions.

Distributed Ledger Technology

Blockchain and Distributed Ledgers are a pathway to market harmonization and more efficient market operations. By eliminating intermediaries, having direct access to trading counterparties in a secure and selectively transparent way has both pragmatic and strategic effects on the market participants.

Our ecosystem


OpenRisk is fortunate to have built a mutually beneficial relationship servicing clients and levering the platform with a rich set of partners.


Industry Affiliations

ISDA fosters safe and efficient derivatives markets to facilitate effective risk management for all users of derivative products


Industry Affiliations

The LSTA is committed to providing the critical leadership that is essential  for the continuation of the syndicated lending market’s strong growth through thought leadership from industry experts, sharing industry best practices and by establishing standards and standardization.


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    OpenRisk is built on a foundation of smart people, with a smart approach, and smart technology

    A strong foundation together with client focus results in a robust, futuristic, heuristic, and regulatory compliant enterprise platform. The OpenRisk team is as passionate about technology as about the financial services business domains and regulations shaping the future of the market. We truly embrace the fact that black swan events are not real black swan events if the risks were measured and controlled appropriately.

    Nara Kodihalli

    Founder & CEO

    Narasimha Kodihalli, Founder & CEO, owns the vision of the innovative unstructured data/knowledge analytics platform using AI, Semantic Web, and latent DLT. Nara is a business aligned technology leader experienced in building Enterprise Technology Solutions for Financial Services. Nara has held senior positions at Goldman Sachs, PwC, BNY Mellon, and Lombard Risk across derivatives groups and holds an Executive MBA from TRIUM Program.