Connecting your business to the future
An Enterprise Platform for Derivatives Risk Management. Powered by Semantic Web, Artificial Intelligence, and Blockchain technologies.

OpenRisk delivers derivatives risk management system, unlike other platforms.

Rationalize, discover, and visualize connections across the derivatives value chain. Connect your Knowledge Center to post-trade business processes across current and target operating models.

Achieve unparalleled competitive advantage by getting focused and holistic recommendations across the entire derivatives value chain.

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Providing Solutions

Data (mostly unusable and unused) hidden in derivatives contracts poses one of the biggest ever risks to global economic activities.

Connect to new contract negotiation platforms or load legacy contracts to extract Metadata and Meta Knowledge to measure, understand, and control risks.

A seamless transformation of legal contracts into operational data to achieve full life-cycle automation of post-trade activities

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Logon, load up ISDA contracts and get going. Take advantage of high STP rates while reducing time and effort on exception and dispute management with Smart Ranking functionality.

Use a comprehensive dashboard for margin, settlement, interest, and substitution activities along with upstream and downstream data statistics at your fingertips.

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Rationalize unstructured and structured data into a Knowledge Graph, connect business practices across traditional and emerging business processes, and apply semantic analytics for focused and holistic business recommendations.

Combine Artificial Intelligence and domain knowledge to get Real Intelligence across legal, operations, funding, and regulatory compliance.

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Our technology

OpenRisk uses advanced and proven technology to address the evolving needs of the capital markets. We leverage the power of a semantic web in a holistic and non-intrusive approach to classify and harmonize data.

Data Semantics, Natural Language Processing, Machine Learning, and Neural Networks are some of the AI techniques we use in our platform.

OpenRisk applies a patented ‘Semantic Smart Contract’ technology to interoperate across traditional-to-blockchain and blockchain-to-blockchain networks for exposure calculations and margin workflow management.

Whether you are exploring the power of Knowledge Graphs and Artificial Intelligence or Blockchain technology or preparing for a strategic game-changer, we've got you covered!

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The Benefits of Our Platform


Load your contracts whether master agreement, credit support annex, repurchase agreement, securities loan agreement, forward transactions agreement or otherwise.

Discover meta knowledge within those agreements you didn't know existed.

Middle Office


Seamlessly transform legal documents into operational contracts.

Connect contractual details to portfolio valuation data, market data, and credit data for a holistic view of your business and for conducting day-to-day business operations with certainty and confidence.

front office


Make optimized and educated trading and capital allocation decisions by having the contractual obligations, regulatory requirements, and market conditions at your fingertips.

Get optimized pre-trade and post-trade recommendations for effective and efficient operations.

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The Latest News From OpenRisk

OpenRisk Joins Wells Fargo Accelerator

Lisa Frazier, head of the Innovation Group at Wells Fargo. “We welcome OpenRisk to the Wells Fargo Startup Accelerator program and applaud the passion, agility and focus they bring to create innovative solutions and unique customer experiences. Innovation is critical within financial services, and we’re excited to invest in and collaborate with these companies, and all our accelerator companies, to reimagine financial services.

Winter 2019

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Watch our CEO

Speaking at PlugAndPlay in Spring 2018 about the future of technology.

Spring 2018

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Semantic Blockchain

How does a semantic blockchain benefit the capital markets?

Summer 2018

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AI and Post-Trade

Find data relationships which lead to improved exposure management

Fall 2018

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OpenRisk & LedgerConnect

Find out how our firm is part of a new global platform for capital markets ledger services.

Winter 2018

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