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Better solutions need new technology. Bring data alive. Share a trusted single version of the truth.

Take the journey of transformation from legacy technology to a next generation stack. You can start quickly using our cloud hosted service. You can bring it on-premise. You can share your data with counterparties using a secure distributed ledger.

The OpenRisk platform is built on a micro-services architecture to bring out the powers of a semantic web and AI for internal efficiencies for each of our clients while blockchain/DLT helps bring about market harmonization.


Semantic Web


Why a Semantic Web?

A Semantic Web not only brings out the relationship as first-class-citizen across the entire derivatives value chain, it helps us adopt the proven technology that empowers world-wide household names such as Google, Amazon, and Facebook. A graph data structure gives us the best of both Relational Database Systems and Big Data stacks while it is also a natural fit for most AI techniques such as Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning.

Microservices Architecure


Why a Micro-services Architecture?

With a world class DevOps adoption on a Netflix OSS backbone, we are not only able to provide a scalable, high performance, and robust platform packaged into a business solution, we can offer an ‘Acceleration Development Platform’ for those clients who need a strong platform and likes to build business solutions on their own.

Distributed Ledger Technology


Why use Blockchain / Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT)?

Blockchain and Distributed Ledgers are a pathway not only into much needed market harmonization but also into more efficient market operations. Eliminating intermediaries, having direct access to trading counterparties in a secure and selectively-transparent way has both pragmatic and strategic effects on the market participants.

However, adoption of such advanced technology is not a switch you turn on and off. It’s a journey the market participants need to take together. OpenRisk empowers the market to take this journey to the future.

Cloud Delivered Service


Jump into our platform quickly via the Cloud. Our commercial agreements can be executed quickly, giving you a fast path to get going.

Our Cloud service includes all components of our service:

  • Knowledge Center
  • Contract Management
  • Collateral and Liquidity Management

On-Premise Service


For firms who prefer to keep software within their own firewall, OpenRisk can provide full support for installation, configuration and maintenance.

Our components are integrated, but you can license the specific services you need.

Ledger Compatibility

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The OTC markets already realise that storing data which is jointly owned should only be in one place. You need less reconciliations, not more!

OpenRisk has proven solution offerings on Hyperledger Fabric infrastructure. Through our strong industry relationships, we are ready to implement our solutions on DigitalAsset and R3 Corda infrastructures.

Imagine having a secure, single version of the truth of contracts and exposures while being able to interoperate between traditional counterparties and leaders alike on blockchain.

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